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Stephen Melling DOP on set
Stephen Melling DOP on set
Stephen Melling DOP on set
Stephen Melling On Set

I am a director of photography working on TV commercials and branded content. 

Love letter to light:

Lighting is my passion. In the morning the first thing I do is look out over the hills and see what colours are in the sky. I wander the streets looking at how the light affects the place I'm in. I am constantly taking notes and working out how a certain light can be recreated or accentuated for film. I am often stopped in my tracks at the vivid orange glow of an evening sunset. In the evenings I watch how shop lights give the street a glow. I study the works of painters such as Atkinson Grimshaw and Rembrandt to gain insight and inspiration. I go to bed but am sometimes caught by the hard shadow of a full moon and it fascinates me so I have to take a photograph. Lighting is my life's work. To have it as a passion means I am in a state of constant discovery, constant learning. That is what I absolutely love and thrive off. 

I have always been captivated by the arts. From a young age, I fondly remember watching all sorts of films, often watching them over and over again. As I grew up, I found that having an artistic outlet was the perfect way to express my thoughts, creativity, and imagination. I quickly fell in love with filmmaking and haven't looked back since, committing myself to a career as a director of photography.


I am currently looking for more short films and music videos to be apart of. I am keen on collaborating on new and exciting ideas. So please get in touch if you feel we could match. Thanks. 

Stephen Melling

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Biography - Stephen Melling

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