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I am a director of photography working on TV commercials and branded content. 

Love letter to light:

Lighting is my passion. In the morning the first thing I do is look out over the hills and see what colours are in the sky. I wander the streets looking at how the light affects the place I'm in. I am constantly taking notes and working out how a certain light can be recreated or accentuated for film. I am often stopped in my tracks at the vivid orange glow of an evening sunset. In the evenings I watch how shop lights give the street a glow. I study the works of painters such as Atkinson Grimshaw and Rembrandt to gain insight and inspiration. I go to bed but am sometimes caught by the hard shadow of a full moon and it fascinates me so I have to take a photograph. Lighting is my life's work. To have it as a passion means I am in a state of constant discovery, constant learning. That is what I absolutely love and thrive off. 

About me:

I have been doing this a while...   


I first got the filming bug at the age of 10 years old. I filmed short comedy and horror skits with my friends. We used to edit in-camera by rewinding to the cut points and hitting record for the next scene. It seemed the logical way of shooting when I didn't have access to edit software. 


At the age of 15 I started filming mountain biking. I taught myself to edit (on a PC this time) alongside shooting and refined my skills through college and university. It was at the University of Salford where I learnt more about my craft. It was also around this time I discovered the Manchester underground music scene and started filming gigs and interviews for a local music magazines. 

The next eight years saw me gain valuable skills working in-house at three film agencies. This taught me a lot about different departments and how to work with big clients from an advertising and communication perspective. I have always loved developing an idea and seeing that through to production and post so these were good learning years. 

After gaining valuable skills and great contacts I made the jump into freelance life as a lighting camera operator. Slowly and steadily I have been learning my craft and honing my camera and in particular my lighting skills to create a solid foundation for the future. 


I am currently looking for more short films and music videos to be apart of. I am keen on collaborating on new and exciting ideas. So please get in touch if you feel we could match. Thanks. 


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