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Here you will find a rolling collection of some of the latest projects I'm working on. I'll aim to keep updating this with fresh content. Sometimes it will be incomplete or on-the-go projects that I will show here.

Invictus (a Virtual Production short)

Status: Incomplete

This was created as part of a virtual production course I did at XPLOR - Production Park. Created using a mixture of AI generation, real world filming and VP studio. 

Natures Bounty (Socials)

Status: Test Grade Example

Here is a little cut I put together for one of the scenes we shot for Natures Bounty. This was to test the grade across the scene and is not the finished edit by any means.  

Breaking Through Storyboard page 1-Recovered.png

Young Years (Storyboard)

Status: Shooting Now

I'm currently working on a passion project. The short film runs over a song so it could be classed as a music video. It will have elements of social commentary in it as well. Here is the first page of the storyboard.  

Shark Steam Mop (Commercial)

Status: Post Production

I only have the still frame from this shoot at the moment but this should be out very soon. I enjoyed lighting this and creating a more moody and 'cool' look than what is perhaps normally the case for this sort of product. 

Steam Mop 2 Hero_1.1.1.jpg
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