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Kit List 2023

Not all accessories are listed.

Please get in touch with any questions, thanks.

Camera Dept

Arri Alexa Mini

Sony FX6 Cinema Line Full Frame 4K Camera

3x 160GB Sony CF Express Cards Type A

Tilta FX6 Camera Rig and V-Mount Plate

Tilta Blackmagic Camera Rig

Hollyland 300Pro Wireless Video Transmitter / Receiver

SmallHD 7Inch Handheld Directors Monitor

28inch 4K Large Client Monitor

Sachtler Caddy 100mm Head and Sticks

Ronin RS2 Gimbal

Tilta Nano Follow Focus System

Duzi 4ft Slider

EasyRig Minimax

7x V-Mount Battery and 4 way charger

F-Stop Shinn Camera Bag 80l


Lenses & Optics

DZO Vespid Primes PL T2.1. 16mm, 25mm, 40mm, 75mm, 90mm macro, 100mm

DZO Catta Zoom T2.9 (par focal) 35mm - 80mm

Tilta Matte Box 4x5.65


Aputure 300D

Aputure 120D

1x1 Light Panel

650W Arri Tungsten

120 Ledgo Fresnal LED

Aputure B7C Bulbs X2

Aputure Light Dome 2

Aputure Large Lantern 

Lightbridge CRLS Kit

Aputure Fresnal Lens 2x Spot

Flagstands / C-Stands x3

6x Light stands

Fabrics: Muslin, black bolton

4x8ft Green Screen Lastolite

3x2 Flags x2 (Floppy)

Matthews Boom Arm

Gear Cart


Rode NTG2 Boom Mic

Rode Boom Pole

Sennheiser Headphones

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