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We need to talk about climate...


Stories can make us feel the full spectrum of human emotion. They can make us laugh, cry and open a door to a world we didn't know about. Stories can divide us, unite us, they can create opinions and they can change opinions. 

I believe the power of cinematography can change the world. 

With the climate crisis upon us, each and every one of us needs to take a stand to help change the way we live and the way we work. Whether that be through the stories we tell or our day to day practices, we all need to take a step together in tackling climate change.

My personal pledge is to improve my practices in my day to day work. Whether it is as simple as ensuring recycling is made possible on set; or ensuring I am working with companies that champion the idea that a better future is possible, and has commitments in place to bring that future about. 

This year I have off-set 4.281 tonnes of carbon dioxide using Carbon Footprint Ltd who use donations like mine to fund carbon reduction projects. Find out more about it at

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