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Shark's Cinematic Dive into Hairdryers

Shark's Innovative Lighting Techniques for Hairdryer Campaigns,
Shark Hair Dryer Frame

Shark's foray into the hairdryer market was distinguished by a series of commercial and demo-style films. Collaborating closely with Shark's internal marketing team, my focus as the Director of Photography was to conceptualise various lighting approaches. A pivotal decision centered around the choice between utilising colored background cloth/paper or employing colored lights on a white cove.

After deliberation, the decision leaned towards employing lighting to generate the colored background for its adaptability. This led us to deploy two Skypanel S-120 LED lights, renowned for their precision in producing specific hues at a moment's notice.

For the primary light source, versatility was key, prompting the selection of an Arri T24 (24,000w) for a large soft key light. This was deftly bounced into a 12x12 frame and diffused through an additional 12x12 frame, ensuring an expansive and uniformly diffused key light.

To enhance depth and dimensionality, a three-quarter backlight from a T12 was employed, complemented by a standby bounced T12 to serve as a fill light. A dedo light, mounted on a boom arm positioned directly behind the model, functioned as a meticulous hair light. Furthermore, a substantial ring light proved instrumental in creating captivating catchlights in the model's eyes during close-up shots.


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